NRSFTC Futurity Standard

National Red Setter Futurity Judging Standard

1. The Futurity shall be run in the spring of each year over preferential bobwhite quail territory.

2. Placed dogs shall display an intense desire to find birds, a keen nose to detect the presence of game and ability to locate it quickly and accurately by body scent.

3. Placed dogs must show staunchness, positiveness and style on point but not necessarily be steady to wing and shot. (Staunchness should mean positiveness on point; where the dog establishes point but not necessarily where the handler can dismount, flush and fire before the dog moves on.)

4. Placed dogs must show determination under adverse conditions and intelligent adjustment to terrain and cover, the ability to hunt independently with speed and proven endurance.

5. Placed dogs shall adjust range to cover and character of the country and to show desire to please the handler.

6. The event shall be run under standards established by the American Field and Field Dog Stud Book, the Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America and the National Red Setter Futurity.

7. The futurity shall be run, if necessary in order to name a winner under these standards, in two series.

8. The first series shall be run over continuous multiple courses, each brace to be run for thirty (30) minutes unless earlier ordered up. Said continuous multiple courses shall contain native birds plus liberated quail which shall be released in coveys in such manner as to simulate natural conditions as much as possible. The numbers of liberated quail shall be decided by the Futurity Secretary, the Club President and the Trial Chairman in consultation with the Area Manager.

9. If four dogs, which in the sole discretion of the judges are otherwise capable of placement have not pointed birds at the conclusion of the First Series, a Second Series shall be run, each brace being run for thirty (30) minutes unless earlier ordered up on a single course with liberated birds released in the manner previously indicated of sufficient quantity to permit adequate opportunities to point. The number of dogs called back for a Second Series shall be at the sole discretion of the judges and may be augmented by the judges if necessary in order to place four dogs that have pointed.

10. All dogs in each series shall be announced as “called back” in the order in which the judges would place them if they shall adequately demonstrate their ability to point birds by doing so. The callback shall be conducted from horseback.

11. Judges may not, except with the concurrence of the Futurity Secretary or his designee, who may seek advice from the Board of Directors of the National Red Setter Field Trial Club, deviate from these standards.

12. Dogs with bird contact must be fired over with a blank cartridge gun of not less than a .209 primer.

Adopted March 18, 1983

Revised November 3, 2011

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