Red Setter Pedigree

Welcome to the Red Setter Pedigree Program!

The Red Setter Pedigree Program is a downloadable program that will enable you to access all pedigrees on the current database.  This is a work in progress, and the current database will be updated periodically as new pedigree information is obtained.

Do you have red setter pedigrees you would like to add to the database?  Send your information to:
National Red Setter Field Trial Club
5630 State Road at Red Setter Run
Kingsville, OH  44048
Phone (440) 969-0273


Please contribute to the Red Setter Pedigree Program… this is a volunteer initiative… the pedigree program will only be completed with your help!


To download the program, click on the link below and follow the instructions.  This version of the Red Setter Pedigree Program does not contain pictures, to minimize file size and download time.  Installing this program using the installation program will not overwrite data in an previous version of the Red Setter Pedigree program that you may have downloaded.  If you have dial-up access, this program may take significant time to download.  This program has been reported to work with the Windows VISTA operating system, but all parts of the program have not yet been tested with VISTA. Installation of software by some high-speed internet providers makes XP emulate NT and prevents all 16-bit software such as this program from working on XP.  This program and also will not work on Macintosh operating systems, but will work with all Windows operating systems before VISTA and it also seems to work with VISTA, so far. The database, however, can be converted by the program into formats that will work with commercial (paid for) pedigree programs that will definitely work with VISTA, and possibly also on Macintosh computers. Most commercial pedigree programs will do the conversion during importations of the data, and free conversion utilities will also do the conversion. The Universal Pedigree Converter is a converter of this type.

If your computer is operating on Windows 7 or a later version Operating System (OS), this Pedigree program will not operate correctly.  However, you can obtain a Windows XP emulator from Microsoft that will permit you to emulate Windows XP on your Windows 7 OS.  The program is free of charge and can be downloaded at Once the program is downloaded, you can download and run the Pedigree program and database without further issues.

Click HERE to download Red Setter Pedigree Program (version 01166) dated February 03, 2008

If this is the first time you have downloaded the program, you also will need to download the most recent database file,below…

If you already have the Pedigree program on your computer, and all you need is the database, click HERE for the latest database (RED_03323.PDG) uploaded on January 4, 2010

Be advised… if you are storing your own personal data (or adding pctures, notes, etc.) to the program on YOUR computer, if you download the entire program, you will lose your personal data.┬á If you wish to update your database containing your personally added data, just download the DATABASE ONLY.┬á Save it to the folder where you are storing your Pedigree files.

Click HERE for a list of common features of the Red Setter Pedigree Program

Click HERE for a downloadable copy of the the Manual for the Pedigree Program


Special thanks to Ed Morgan of western New York for his assistance with this program

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