As established in 1951 the purpose remains the same, to promote the Irish setter as a class shooting dog and field trial competitor.  For those who are unfamiliar with the working Irish red setter, the following is offered.  The class shooting dog is a dog that is first a dog with a keen mind and an eager temperament in all interactions with people. The dog must be the consummate athlete with the conformation to go the day and stand ready for the next.  The dog’s style on birds is staunch and with intensity.  It can best be described as breath taking to see a class shooting dog lock on a bird.  The dog must be adaptable to the many species of game birds and the many differing types of terrain that our country has to offer.

From the unpredictable pheasant: can be found in the thickest cover or the thinnest of pasture and will relocate on a dog on a whim, testing the stickiness of even the best of a breed.

The prairie chicken: can be found in the early mornings at the edges of the field of the plains, and will move out in the stubble of the field as the sun rises in the sky.  A widely sought after straight forward bird providing many clean opportunities to train the young enthusiastic bird dog.

The quail: found in coveys in many parts of the country, and can be located on the edges of farmlands and roads of the large south-land, where they await to set loose the dog not ready for the cascade of a 20+ bird flush

The migratory woodcock: a queer little bird with a three-inch beak that moves but a short distance all morning, standing alone in his close cover letting the less mindful hunter pass him by without notice.

The grouse of New England: He can be in the thick bottomed runs, in the big oaks, in the rims alone the big woods, in the open savin and birch pastures.  He is the wisest and the craftiest of them all.

The Class Shooting Dog is bred to locate and point the many gifts that the world has given us, be willing to work close when handler is afoot, yet push the limits of range when on horseback, and be able to show the style that the finest bird dog requires. Whereas the horseback shooting dog stakes are considered to be the ultimate test of an American bird dog, the National Red Setter Field Trial Club chooses this venue as proper for establishment of championship status.

Direct your attention to the National Red Setter Field Trial Club. For here is a place to see the conformation and performance of the working Irish red setter. In this arena human words may be misunderstood but the picture will be clear to those that wish to see.


Red Setter Champion “Restless Red Toolman” owned and handled by Robert Gove…
“Binny” is a proud product of The Purest Challenge!