What is the NRSFTC Futurity?

A futurity is a field trial run specifically as a breeder’s stake. Young dogs run in a futurity trial are evaluated for their potential as future championship field trial calibre horseback shooting dogs. A futurity motivates and rewards breeders by paying cash payments to Futurity winners and runners-up in the stake; these dogs exhibit the characteristics the National Red Setter Field Trial Club desires in its championship calibre horseback shooting dogs… style, class, drive, intelligence, bird finding ability, ability to handle, and ground race. Those dogs exhibiting the most potential as future championship calibre dogs are rewarded.

A dog running in the NRSFTC Futurity must be produced out of a nominated litter… the breeder must have registered the litter with Field Dog Stud Book, and then nominated the litter by sending the litter information to the Futurity Chair, along with the nomination fee (1st Forfeit). Before December 31 prior to the year the Futurity stake is run, the individual puppy must then be registered with the Futurity Chair; at this time a second fee (2nd Forfeit) is paid. The Futurity stake is then run in the spring, preferably in a venue that permits the use of quail habitat.  The Futurity is a horseback stake; handlers and judges will be on horseback; the stake shall be run on continuous multiple courses of 30 minutes length per brace.

All decisions regarding the running of the NRSFTC Futurity are based upon the NRSFTC Futurity standards. The Futurity Chair has the responsibility of ensuring that the NRSFTC Futurity is run in accordance with the standards as approved by the NRSFTC Board of Directors.